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I've been contacted about releasing my pension early

If you think you may have been targeted by a pension scam (also known as 'early pension release', 'pension unlocking', 'pension loans' or 'pension liberation fraud') then contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

For more information see protect yourself against pension scams.

Payments haven't been made to my workplace pension scheme

If your employer hasn’t made the contribution payment to your workplace pension scheme that they are required to make, or they haven’t passed the contribution deducted from your salary to your workplace pension scheme, you can report this to us using our dedicated online form.

Why have I been enrolled into a pension scheme?

The law requires all employers to automatically enrol certain staff into a pension scheme and pay contributions. Employers also have to deduct staff pension contributions from salary payments. Between 2012 and 2018 these requirements will be rolled out to all employers.       

If you have been automatically enrolled and you want to opt out then speak to the pension scheme or your employer who should provide you with an opt out notice.

If you are concerned that you might not be able to afford your new pension contributions go to the Money Advice Service website.

My employer isn't complying with their pension duties

If you believe that your employer has failed to comply with their duties, you can report your concern to us using our dedicated online form, but please consider before doing so that not all employers have to provide a pension scheme straight away.

Each employer has been given or will be given the specific date by which they need to comply with these new duties. Contact your employer in the first instance to find out when the law applies to them or find out if you're likely to be automatically enrolled into a workplace pension on GOV.UK.

It is against the law for employers to attempt to make you opt out of being automatically enrolled into a pension scheme or indicate during recruitment that if you do not opt out of the automatic enrolment pension it will affect whether or not you are recruited.

If you require further information or advice in relation to your automatic enrolment rights then go to the Pensions Advisory Service website.

I have a query or dispute with my pension scheme

The Pensions Advisory Service provides free and independent guidance on pensions. They can help you if you have a pension query or a dispute with your pension scheme.

Go to the Pensions Advisory Service website.

I've been mis-sold a pension

If you believe you have been mis-sold a pension you can make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

I suspect malpractice or poor administration of my pension scheme

If you suspect dishonesty or possible fraud in your workplace pension scheme or have significant concerns about how it is being run, you can report them to us using our dedicated online form.

I have a query about my State Pension

For information on State Pensions see the basic State Pension guide on GOV.UK

Report your concern to us

If you are concerned that:

  • payment hasn’t been made to your workplace pension scheme, or
  • your employer isn’t complying with their pension duties, or
  • you are concerned about how your scheme is being run

You can contact us and report the details using our dedicated online forms.

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