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Check if your scheme is a master trust

The Pension Schemes Act 2017 introduces a definition of 'master trust'. You should assess whether your pension scheme meets this definition.

Authorisation of existing master trusts

From 1 October 2018, master trust pension schemes will have six months to apply for authorisation from us in order to continue operating.

Triggering event duties for master trusts

The Pension Schemes Act 2017 places duties on those involved with running master trust pension schemes. This includes a duty to report certain events to us which may indicate that the scheme cannot continue to operate.

Authorisation of new master trusts

From 1 October 2018, all new master trusts must apply for and obtain authorisation before they can operate.

List of authorised master trusts

We will be publishing a list of authorised master trusts when the first batch of schemes receive authorisation.

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