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Trustee toolkit online learning

Go to the Trustee toolkit We provide a free online learning programme called the Trustee toolkit which you should complete, unless you arrange the equivalent learning. You must login or sign up to use the Trustee toolkit.

An introduction to trusteeship

As a trustee you need to understand your duties, if your scheme is being run well, and your role and responsibilities. You can use our Trustee toolkit to learn about pensions and being a trustee.

Ongoing learning and development

You're strongly recommended to review your trustee knowledge and understanding (TKU) at least annually and to carry out learning to fill any gaps you identify.

Detailed guidance for trustees

To carry out your role as a trustee effectively, you need to be aware of pensions legislation, trust law and good practice.

Protect your members from scammers

Pension scheme members can access their pension savings in a variety of ways and scammers will try to tempt them with promises of one-off investments, high returns, pension loans or upfront cash. Most of these are bogus.

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